A Wonderful Day

A Christian children’s album including 12 encouraging and cheerful songs written and composed by Linda Browne

Arrangements by Grammy™ award-winning arranger and multi-platinum award-winning composer, producer and performer Fletcher Wiley


What I saw on your page on IG is really amazing! God bless you for teaching the kids. (Ghana)

Bula Am from Fiji, Thanks you for your time with the children, Am so bless, more of your chorus, GB

I love children a whole lot….weldone ma’am….that’s very creative

God bless you, I need this song for my Sunday school children Church…. pls

I would like to have some of kids songs for my kids so can teach them Thank u (Fiji)

Awwwwww…..I will gladly sing this song to my new born each time I bath him…

May our good Lord bless you and your Music Ministry. (Australia)

I love to walk with Jesus to Linda and may God bless you to (Fiji)

Thanks mom Ur song is super (India)

So beautiful and lovely song! Amen. (Myanmar)

классно (Russia – meaning “cool”)

I like very much all your music. (Myanmar)

  1. A Wonderful Day Linda Browne 0:21
  2. I Can do All Things Linda Browne 0:40
  3. My Father in Heaven Linda Browne 0:21
  4. Jesus is Alive Linda Browne 0:26
  5. Your Way is the Only Way Linda Browne 0:32
  6. I've Got a Skip in my Step Linda Browne 0:29
  7. Books of the Bible Linda Browne 0:34
  8. Jesus is Knocking Linda Browne 0:35
  9. The Song of Victory Linda Browne 0:28
  10. Only A Prayer Away Linda Browne 0:39
  11. Go Tell Everyone Linda Browne 0:34
  12. Jesus is Coming Soon Linda Browne 0:32